WATCH: Muslim Migrants RIOT In Ohio – Demand Free Housing While Our Veterans Sleep On Park Benches


Back in 2012, in Columbus, Ohio there were hundreds of Somali refugees that ended up being maced by police officers, over their protest they held to demand free housing.

Yes, they come here to America and demand free stuff including free housing. Housing that the rest of us work hard to make rent or keep mortgage payments up on.

Where do they get the audacity?

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Easy. President Obama. He is no leader and if he must be referred to as one then he is a lead from behind leader, who refuses to do his job as it should be done.

Because he has allowed the line between right and wrong to be blurred due to the word “tolerance” that he loves to use so freely, and now people who have no right to make demands feel they own the place.

Even to the point of hundreds of Somali refugees demanding subsidize housing and having no doubt in their minds that they are owed it. When they didn’t get their way, they rioted.

As our veterans roam the streets homeless, and without the most basic of necessities, we are importing people and giving them not just housing, but FREE housing. Does anything about this make sense?

You should probably know too, that while the refugee settlement agencies are claiming that all of these benefits are paid for, they are in fact not.

Here is a video to help you see more clearly what this means…


How is Obama finding a way to make this alright? Leaving our veterans on the streets to deal with a lifestyle that they do not deserve, and convincing Americans that it’s our duty to bring in more refugees and give them free…EVERYTHING?

It’s wrong.

Now we have Donald Trump going into the White House come 2017…and if there is one thing that we can be sure he will do, it is going to be him taking care of our veterans.

I cannot wait.

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