Veterans’ Issues Have Been Missing From Debates, But New VA Bombshells Are Dropping

Cortney O'Brien
Posted: Oct 19, 2016 10:30 AM
Veterans' Issues Have Been Missing From Debates, But New VA Bombshells Are Dropping

Have you noticed that veterans have yet to have their voices heard in the 2016 presidential debates? While the moderators have asked plenty of questions about the candidates’ plans for the economy and foreign policy agenda, we have not heard their proposals for taking on veterans issues. Will that change on Wednesday?

Contrary to what some may believe, the Veterans Affairs scandal is anything but over. Recent reports show that hundreds of patients died waiting for care at the Phoenix VA. At Virginia’s McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center, one employee stashed dozens of patient benefits applications in a storage unit never to be heard from again. In Texas, millions of dollars of equipment were MIA.

Clearly, the disorganization, poor leadership, and lack of accountability is a nationwide problem that has not improved under VA Secretary Bob McDonald. While McDonald claims the agency has ushered in 90 percent new leadership in the country’s VA centers, a new USA Today report found that only eight of those leaders came from outside the agency at the time the scandal broke. The majority of officials were simply shuffled around other VA medical centers.

Our vets deserve at least one question that addresses this shameful treatment.

Concerned Veterans for America Executive Director Mark Lucas agrees and offered the following statement.

“It’s disappointing that the failing VA has been continuously overlooked on debate stages across the country. For the millions of veterans still struggling to receive adequate health care, this issue can be a matter of life or death. Veterans sacrificed their lives for this country, and they deserve to hear whether or not their candidates will fix the VA and empower them with choice over their health care. It’s more important than ever that veterans make themselves heard at the ballot box and CVA will continue mobilizing the veterans community to get out and vote this November.”

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