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As Election Day draws near, observe the tactics of those who seek our votes! Euphemistic, pandering platitudes are the watchwords of the major candidates. Sound bites that tickle our ears and tweak our emotions are cleverly crafted by political machines that have tested the shifting winds of popular sentiment and special interest groups, hoping to sail to victory at the expense of sound principle. How foolish and absurd! Foundational principle is rarely considered. Consequently, all that is worthy and great in America is unraveling.

The Founding Fathers of the United States considered the United States Constitution to be a written binding contract between the people of the nation and those who we select to hold positions of responsibility within our government. The “binding” concept was considered to be so essential that within that great document, that charter of liberty, they required every office-holder to take an oath to uphold that contract as written.

The Constitution is written in plain English words. Words have meaning, and those meanings may be known. We, the people, have a responsibility to know those words, and hold our officials accountable, including removing them from office when they violate their oath.

The United States Constitution created a national government whose powers are few and defined. The document enumerates the specific powers delegated to the national government, and specifically notes that all other power is retained by the states, or the people. Constitutional protocol, which was clearly understood by the Founding Fathers, prohibits any re-delegation of power granted to a specific body (legislative, executive or judicial), or the usurpation of power not granted by the Constitution.

Contrary to what is currently practiced in violation of constitutional protocol, only the legislature may create law (not the executive or judiciary). Only congress may exercise powers granted in Article I Section 8 of the Constitution. None of these listed powers may be re-delegated by congress to other bodies (foreign or domestic). The legislative, for example, may not constitutionally re-delegate the power to regulate our foreign commerce to the president, or to any international body. Congress may not transfer their war-making powers to the president, or to any international body. Congress may not delegate to the president or any international body the power to create courts inferior to the Supreme Court. Congress must decide how to deal with prisoners captured in conflict, not the executive. These powers are delegated to congress, and they are theirs and theirs alone to exercise

It is astounding that while failing to fulfill their constitutionally-delegated charge, the national government seeks constantly to encroach into areas not delegated to the national government. Contrary to popular belief and practice, redistributing the wealth of Americans to foreign powers, to corporate moguls, to the various states, to special interest groups or to individuals is not a power granted to our government. The phrase, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” is not found in the Constitution, but, rather, in the writings of Karl Marx! Countless other examples of usurped power could be enumerated.

Liberty and proper government cannot prevail if the great charter of our nation is ignored and set aside by we, the people. If those who represent us fail in their duty to abide their oath and keep their actions within Constitutional bounds, we are in grave danger, indeed!

Rather than the euphemistic platitudes offered by pandering candidates, this nation desperately needs “restoration.” Restoration to the foundation upon which it was originally built. Restoration to a recognition that the powers of the national government are limited to the specific powers enumerated in the Constitution. Restoration to the understanding that mankind’s rights come from God, and that government’s only purpose is to preserve those rights. The Declaration of Independence succinctly captures that essence. The Constitution is our charter of liberty under which our sacred, God-given rights are vouched safe. Look to the Constitution. Read it, ponder it, understand its plain English words, and compare it to the drivel promoted by political shills. Reject the false philosophies that have been so powerfully promoted by pandering politicians for so many decades. Vote for a restoration and the preservation of our liberty! All we cherish is at stake.

Scott N. Bradley is a Utah Native. He is the vice presidential running mate of Darrell Castle on the Constitution Party presidential ticket. More information about Mr. Castle and Mr. Bradley is available at

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