A Letter from the President of Disabled Vet Assistance


My Thought For The Day


Anyone who has ever served in the military should be familiar with the phrases – “Hurry-up and wait” and “Everything in triplicate”.  This concept is just fine when you don’t have to worry about food on the table and a roof over your head; but add those to the equation and waiting turns into a financial nightmare for many Veterans. Our Veterans should not have to wait years for a decision especially when the evidence is clear.  I strongly believe that any Veteran who sustains a disabling injuring during combat should be awarded their service connected rating and payments within days and not years. I would like to see the VA start a “Combat-Injury Quick Decision” (CQD) method that would insure our combat injured Veterans receive their compensation in the timely manner they fought for and deserve.


Veterans Helping Veterans,


Darin Taylor


Disabled Vet Assistance

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