$52K to be donated for Veterans Park


TENNESSEE RIDGE, Tenn. — The Tennessee Ridge Board of Commissioners and Mayor Stony Odom were shocked Monday night to hear that $52,000 would be donated to help add to the proposed Veterans Park, being built near Tennessee Ridge City Hall.

Tommy Mitchell of Traditions First Bank told the board the bank’s board would be donating $40,000 for playground equipment to be placed behind City Hall.

“What we’re looking to add is something much like Rotary Park,” Mitchell said. “We would very much like to work with the Veterans Park committee to add playground equipment.”

Mitchell said they had first looked into a splash pad, as several counties have, but the upkeep and utilities alone would cost the taxpayers.

The entire Veterans Park project, including walking trails, plaques with the names of veterans, benches and more than 200 trees to be planted Saturday, have all come via donation or volunteer work.

“None of this has cost the taxpayer a dime,” Odom said.

Mitchell said he envisioned parents using the walking trail while allowing their children to play in the park.

During his presentation, Frank Young, a member of the Houston County Lions Club, told Odom the club wanted to donate $12,000 toward the project as well. The club wants to donate money toward something accessible for those with disabilities, and Mitchell agreed to work with the club on the project.

“This is so very nice,” Odom said. “Words can’t describe how thankful we are and how thankful the community will be to have this park.”

Odom said the city is blessed to have so many donors and volunteers to help make the Veterans Park project a reality.

“The debt that some veterans paid … we can never repay that,” Odom said. “I think this will be something the community will be proud of.”

“We’re very lucky to live in a community where leaders such as these are here to make such a difference,” said Commissioner Darrell Allison. “We just make the decisions; these people make things happen.”

In other business, Odom said representatives of the J.D. Lewis Senior Center approached him and asked for help in securing a new building.

“We would love to have them in Tennessee Ridge,” Odom said, adding that he told them he would do all he could to help them find a building and see if they could find grants to help pay for the building.

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